elisavet (lachupacabra) wrote in kitty_punk,

♥ poustaki ♥ stray kitty ♥


this guy has been hanging around my apartment
for a few months now. hes incredibly sweet &
super friendly & he so desperately needs a home
(& to get FIXED!)

i know i probably shouldnt take on the responsibility
of yet another cat but i dont know what else to do...
i really really like him.

my vet is awesome & has always allowed me to pay for
our services on time if i need to - only ive been laid off
so much over the past several months, ive fallen a little
behind in my payments...
i just dont want to ask to put this visit on account.
(especially since they might not say yes).

for anyone who cant afford to bid but wants to donate,
ill commit to making a neat icon of your cat if you send
me a decent picture. if you donate a LOT (& send enough
pix) ill try to make you a little cat movie animation!!

hopefully, goldenpalace.com will find the auction
& bid like outrageous amounts which will keep all
3 of the little guys in fishheads & mice for the rest
of our lives!

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